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Photo Page

Here are some vintage photos of Maypole

Denny Romans (Dennis Tobell) and John Nickel

Steve Mace

Denny and Steve

John Nickel- Bass Guitar and Vocals

Steve Mace- 2nd Guitar and Vocals

Steve playing his Rickenbacker 12 String

Maypole in Ocean City at Lafittes Cage

The Original Maypole with Steve Mace, Jeff Lutz, Paul Welsh and Denny Romans

Tribute to the late Paul Welsh

Denny Romans (Dennis Tobell) Now known as Demian Bell

Maypole at The Bayou in Georgetown Washington D:C:

Same Below

John Piluk on Sax, Larry Lundy on Drums, Denny Romans and Steve Mace

Denny; Larry Lundy and Steve Mace in Charleston. W.Virginia

Denny Romans with his '53 Telecaster

Denny Romans

Denny playing his Gibson Es-335

Denny Romans

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